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    Secure Guard Papers

    Tamper Resistant
    Washington Prescription Pads

    The State of Washington

    Rx Forms

    Effective July 2010, Secure Prescription Forms
    must be purchase from a Washington State approved printer.

    Tamper-Resistant Prescriptions (TRPP)
    A new state law passed in 2009 to combat unauthorized, improperly altered and counterfeit prescriptions. (RCW 18.64.500) Starting July 1, 2010, all prescriptions written in Washington State must be on board-approved tamper-resistant prescription paper or pads (TRPP).

    For a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions
    relative to the new legislation, Visit the Washington State Board of Pharmacy Web Site at
    Board of Pharmacy Q & A

    Micro Format, Inc. is a Washington State Pharmacy Board
    "approved printer" for Secure Prescription Paper Products.

    All Micro Format Rx Paper Products meet and exceed
    all Washington State and Medicaid Requirements.

    Washington Script Pad
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    Washington State
    Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper Products

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